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disabled access systems, wheelchair access

Products to suit your needs

Our access products are based on our proven range of industrial scissor lifts and mast lifts. These lifts are designed to operate to heavy-duty cycles and with high reliability as a key objective. From this base we design and fabricate doors, cabin, control panels and features to your requirements. Interlocks, control systems and products features depend on the required installation details.

Mast lifts can be used where the floor-to-floor requirements cannot be easily reached by a scissor lift. Or the scissor lift pit depth requried cannot be accomodated. A mast lift needs a supporting wall or structure (which we can integrate if necessary) and a shallow pit for the platform.

Typically our lifts would fit beside an existing staircase, and accommodating 0-2m vertical lift. Lifts can be straight through or through 90°. Platforms can be any size, subject to achieving the minimum and maximum allowed within the regulations.

We can include emergency back-up batteries, automatic doors, custom designed call buttons, integrated lighting etc.

We have also successfully built goods and DDA compliant lifts with different weigh capacities for each purpose (e.g 6000kg and 500kg).